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Insurance for Properties at Risk of Flooding

11 November 2023

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Flood Re is a new way to help people who live in flood risk areas get affordable home insurance. It launched on April 4th 2016.
Flood Re is not a home insurer itself – instead it works behind the scenes with existing insurance companies.

Flood Re helps insurers offer more affordable flood insurance to those in areas at risk of flooding. It will mean people can shop around more easily to find policies with more affordable premiums and excesses.The scheme will develop over time so people should find they have even more choice in the future.

How do I benefit from Flood Re?
If you live in a property where there is a high risk of flooding you may be contacted by your insurer directly about the scheme. You can also call your insurer to find out if they can offer you new options.

As well as finding out what your existing insurer can offer it's a good idea to shop around, as the existence of Flood Re should, over time, mean you have more choice of affordable flood cover, even if you are at high flood risk.

Comparison websites may not be the best way to do this if your home is at flood risk. These sites generally suit people with standard needs and insuring a property at flood risk may be best done by dealing directly with an insurer or insurance broker so they can consider your individual circumstances.

A list of the insurers using Flood Re is regularly updated on the Flood Re website

There is also an online broker finding service provided by the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).